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PostedTitleAuthorIn / AtTypeYear
3/12/09Study of Heterogeneous Base Catalysts for Biodiesel ProductionAlbert Gotch, Aaron Reeder, Aleesha McCormickJournal of Undergraduate Chemistry ResearchPeer-Reviewed Article2009
10/17/08High-Achieving Students in the Era of No Child Left BehindTom LovelessThomas B. Fordham InstituteReport2008
4/24/08The role of teacher leadership in science education reform: An examination of perceptions, implementation, and impact of a shared leadership modelRichard L., Ed.D DinkoProQuest Learning and Information CompanyArticle2004
2/28/05Introduction: Implications of the Scientific Research in Education Report for Qualitative InquiryPatti Lather, Pamela A. MossTCRecordPeer-Reviewed Article2005
11/24/04Closing the Racial Achievement Gap: The Role of Reforming Instructional PracticesHarold WenglinskyEPAAPeer-Reviewed Article2004